Cody Wanner

Cody Wanner started a daily vlog on the first day of 2018, and he got addicted to the grind. In May he launched a hashtag movement called No Small Creator - the idea being that it doesn’t matter the size of one’s following.

After being featured by Peter McKinnon in a vlog, as well as a lot of other people taking notice of his hard work and ethos, Cody was chosen as a Youtube ‘Creator On The Rise’ in July and his channel has grown exponentially.

We love Cody’s message and couldn’t agree more - get out there, create and stop worrying about views and subs! Cody is committed to motivating the doers to get it done, the grinders to grind and we think he has some amazing lessons to teach everyone!

YouTube - 32,000 / Instagram - 10,000


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