Lunchbox FPV

Bring on the DRONES! Jason Mainella AKA LunchBox FPV is back at POV and he’s bringing his drone fleet!

For four years Jason has dedicated his time to FPV (First Person View) and the drone community - focusing on education as his primary mission. Jason has worked with educational institutions, health professionals and large corporations; he manages Canada’s official drone racing team and is the first ever appointed Drone Commander for the Canadian Air Cadets.

After learning everything he could about 3D printing and combined that with his knowledge of drones, he travelled to China to bring his kit DaLunchbox to life. Using social media, live video and working each social platform to his advantage, Jason has created a massive online community that is growing daily.

Jason is focused and ready to share his awesome new product DaLunchbox, some drone acrobatics and his in-depth knowledge of using live video and social media to engage and excite customers - we can’t wait to have him share his experiences with everyone at POV.

Instagram - 19,000 / Facebook - 7,200


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