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sponsored by epidemic sound

Our intimate Masterclass sessions demonstrate ways to implement the latest video making, marketing tools and techniques to create effective content to best engage with your audiences across the top social media platforms.


The Masterclass Bolt-on includes three 1-hour sessions with some INCREDIBLE creators.

There are only a very limited number of spaces at the Masterclasses to ensure the best possible experience, thus creating a very personal session with the video creator professionals.

Your Masterclass Bolt-on inlcudes all 3 sessions.

Location: Catalyst Fintech Hub - under a 2-minute walk from Ulster Hall.

Session 1

Friday 30th August

Location: Catalyst Fintech Hub, Belfast

Cody Wanner is a Freelance Filmmaker and YouTuber.


After a year of daily vlogging in 2018 he sold his commercial video production company and dove head first into full time content creation and consulting. He is a proponent of raw, real, vlog style video marketing for businesses & personal brands alike. 


Cody's masterclass "Becoming The Expert Your Clients Need" is one you do not want to miss!

Session 2

Friday 30th August

Location: Catalyst Fintech Hub, Belfast

Gene Nagata AKA Potato Jet has been a professional film maker in Los Angeles for the last 10 years.


In recent times, Gene has transferred his skills across to the YouTube platform creating content such as tech reviews, cinematography tutorials, and epic vlogs.


With his vast knowledge and outstanding skill-set Gene's Masterclass will have something for even the most seasoned creator.

Session 3

Friday 30th August

Location: Catalyst Fintech Hub, Belfast

For the first time ever we are being joined by the one and only Elle Mills and we couldn't be any more excited to have her!


Elle is renowned for creating hilarious content and her authenticity as a creator is second to none. She will be leading the third and final Masterclass giving insights from the perspective of a YouTube powerhouse!

We can't wait to see what she has in store for us and for you!

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Epidemic Sound is a global music company headquartered in Sweden. It is the number one music provider for a wide range of storytellers. Everyone from famous YouTubers to well respected film producers and directors as well as corporate brands and broadcasters use our music. The tracks are created by our portfolio of talented independent musicians from all around the world who are increasingly building fan bases and becoming artists in their own right.

The company was co-founded in 2009 by five Swedish entrepreneurs that are on a mission to deliver music without limitations around the world. Epidemic Sound have over 400 employees and offices in six cities; Stockholm, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Madrid, Sydney, New York City and Los Angeles.