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Shaun has always been an adventurer at heart, with a knack for starting really cool things. His first business venture was owning a skate shop, one of his childhood dreams, and after seeing success at the shop he started a massively successful online jewelry boutique that ran through Facebook - this is when Shaun really learned the power of social media.

Because of that he landed one of his dream jobs - travelling and being a rep for snowboard and skateboard companies. While doing this and living life to the fullest his sisters told him to use Snapchat to share his crazy adventures, and as he started to use the app, he saw the potential for brands to share their story on the platform, so he set to build a business out of Snapchat! After months of no success the first brand to partner with him was actually Disney!

All this has led to a variety of speaking engagements, from social strategy, how to build a business and sharing his unique story of success and motivation.

Shaun recently took the plunge into managing a professional e-sports organization call Spacestation Gaming that rosters teams in Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Rocket league, Smite, and more. 


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