Sorelle Amore

In 2017, Sorelle conquered the "Best Job On The Planet" competition, beating out 17,000 other applicants from more than 125 countries to rise to the top as the winner. Amore has received global acclaim and millions of media impressions from some of the most prominent and far-reaching media outlets on Earth, including Forbes, the Huffington Post, Business Insider, ABC News, Fstoppers, the Today show, Daily Mail, Travel+Leisure,, and so many more.

After stellar growth on YouTube in 2018, becoming a reliable go-to source for self-made photo/video content, and coining the term "Advanced Selfies" which spawned an entire series of content, Sorelle Amore has partnered with many powerful global brands on successful campaigns including Squarespace, and Skillshare.

A true content creator in every sense of the word, Amore is known for shooting and producing timeless, stunning content, that attracts millions of eager viewers from around the world each and every month. A true one-woman promotional powerhouse, there's little doubt the world's eyes are focused intensely on this talented and energetic creator. 

YouTube - 485,000 Instagram - 307,000


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